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Hill Vending provides FREE Snack and Soda Machines for your place of business at no cost to you! 

How It Works

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2. Free Consultation

Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time for us to visit your place of business and learn how we can help solve your vending needs.

3. Our Promise

If you decide to move forward with Hill Vending, we offer a ZERO RISK AGREEMENT that doesn’t lock you in for months or years like other companies. We stand by our service 100% and are so confident that you will be satisfied with us that we offer a cancel-anytime policy. If you are not satisfied with our service, we can remove our machines, no questions asked.

4. Machine Setup

Next, machines are delivered and installed at NO Charge to you! Hill Vending covers all maintenance, repairs and stocking of machines. Our vending machines feature the latest technology from “iVend or Guaranteed Delivery” to credit card readers that accept mobile payment.

5. Continued Support

Once installed, ongoing service is provided to ensure that your machines are stocked and never out of product. Should you need assistance in between our scheduled fill days, simply call us and our service division will be out the same day or within 24 hours to resolve any issues.

Why choose us

24 Hour Response Time

We understand that your employees and customers expect your vending machines to be filled and working properly at all times. That’s why once a service call is placed, we will be out to address the issue within 24 hours! We pride ourselves in providing quick response time and resolving any issues as fast as possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud to have been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and 50+ 5-star ratings on Google Reviews by our current customers.

No contract, no obligation.

If you are not completely satisfied with Hill Vending, you can cancel anytime. Other companies lock you in for long term contracts to protect themselves, we want you to be protected! No long-term contracts, no pressure, no obligation. That’s the Hill Vending way!

state of the art vending machines

Vending Equipment

State of the art vending machines

Hill Vending Services provides you with state of the art vending machines made by the leading manufacturers in the industry. The equipment to be provided shall be in accordance with your requirements. Hill Vending Services will select and provide the most efficient equipment size for your location by considering the intensity of traffic, number of staff, visitors, and customers in the building and the space provided for our machines.

Service Schedule

Consistently a variety and quality of products

We can service the machines as often as needed. One full time route person will be assigned to your area and will be in charge of stocking, inspecting, replacing expired product and general maintenance of all the vending machines items on a regular basis. During the first week of service our representative will be present at your location to communicate with your staff in order to meet their particular needs. Periodic visits to the location will follow to stay current with your preferences. Our goal is to maximize participation by our customers. Guaranteeing you will be able to consistently find the variety and quality of products you prefer attains this goal.

variety and quality of products
Exceptional Customer Service

Repairs & Maintenance

Trouble free operation of our vending machines

We anticipate a trouble free operation of our vending machines. However, we have a qualified and skilled service technician available to handle repairs. The service person assigned will be responsible to complete any necessary repairs in a timely manner and will inform you of any pending or overnight shutdown of equipment if any are needed. It is Hill Vending Service’s policy that if any equipment has continual mechanical problems, we will replace it.

“Thank you for being so consistent with your great service. Always courtesy and desire to meet our requests. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your convivial personality every time you are here. Thank you Mike.”

— Danielle McIntyre

“One of the best companies I’ve seen for vending machines. Always keeps everything stocked and always takes advice on what to put in the machines.”

— Joshua Smoak

“The machines are always stocked with a great variety of items to choose from. The service is beyond amazing as well; they refilled our machines this morning & when they were contacted this afternoon regarding the cokes being mixed up with the mountain dews, he (the owner, very handsome btw ;D) was here within the hour to fix the mix up!”

— Tiffany Harris

“They are a very good vending company they have been working at my job for a couple years now. Whatever we ask for they do their best to get it. Highly recommend!!”

— Genera Davis

“Hill vending is extremely professional and reliable. They provide timely outstanding service and respond to service calls within hours. Super nice people! Great job Mike, Alex and Adam. Highly recommended!”

— J D OB

“Hill vending is extremely professional and reliable. They provide top notch service and respond to service calls within hours. Highly recommended!”

— Amy Hill


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